Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The Tesla has landed! It arrived at my house around 7pm. And on 12/12/12 - a cool way to remember the date! The delivery specialist had been running late due to traffic and other issues so it was actually dark when it came. So no pictures tonight. I was in disbelief tonight as the delivery specialist took me through all the ins and outs of operating the car and the touch screen. It really struck me how different and modern this car is. Virtually everything is controlled through the touch screen. Its beautifully designed and very user friendly. I think touch screens have been knocked in cars quite a bit due to the lack of tactile feedback, but I think this screen is so large and easy to read and navigate that they've made it quite usable and better in fact. I'll know more about that after I've used it a lot.

But it doesn't stop with the touch screen. The "key" is unique. It isn't a traditional key. It looks like a toy car. If you double click the trunk of the "toy", it opens the trunk. Double click the front of it and it opens the "frunk" - the front storage area. Double click the top of the key and it unlocks the doors. Oh and the doors- they are very novel too. The door handles are recessed into the car - flush with the body. With the key in your pocket, the car detects when you approach the door and extends the door handle automatically. You open the door and sit in the driver seat and the dashboard and touch screen both automatically light up and the car is now "on". You don't really do anything with the key - just sit in the car with it in your pocket. To drive, you hit the brake and put it in reverse or drive - the gear shift is different too - its a stick on the steering column, but you toggle it up to put it in reverse and down for drive. To put it in park you can toggle it back or just hit a button on the end of the stick as a short cut to put it in park. Well, there's many more interesting things but its getting late so I'll have to write more later and get some pictures going too.

One last thing that I thought was interesting. The delivery specialist said that while driving here some other drivers along the way recognized my car in tow (it was brought in on a trailer but very visible). They saw it was a Model S and would either blow their horn or look over and give a nod or an OK. So many people recognize this amazing car. That's really cool.

More to come when I have a chance - and some day light!

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