Tuesday, December 18, 2012

First Impressions

After my Model S was delivered last Wednesday night, I spent some time over the next few days learning about it. Now that I've driven it to work the last couple of days and had a chance to see more of it, I wanted to talk about my first impressions.

I absolutely love this car. It's beautiful inside and out. Mine is metallic blue which turned out to be a great choice. At night, it looks black but in the day it's blue. It has sleek curves like a Jaguar, looks like sports car even though it's a four door that can seat five comfortably with a ton of storage space. On the inside, the design is stylishly simple. Since the 17" touch screen in the center provides control over most of the functions of the car, there are very few additional buttons or knobs. The interior design is as sleek as the outside. Smooth curves along the doors and dashboard. The leather seats look great with tall narrow headrests that help to preserve the open feel inside the cabin. The panoramic roof also turned out to be a great option. It blocks just enough light to give an open feel inside the car without having too much glare and light beating down on you.

Now let's get to how the car drives. After all, that is why we have cars ultimately. It's a joy to drive. When hitting the throttle (it's hard to get out of the habit of calling it a gas pedal), the car immediately responds with perfect smooth acceleration. Without a sound, you rocket forward. My favorite experience started while sitting at a traffic light. There were cars both to my right and behind me. As soon as the light was green (and no more cars), I hit it. Rocketing forward, I glanced in my mirrors after a few seconds and there were only small and shrinking cars in my mirrors and no one around me. The electric motor provides quiet acceleration and since there is a single speed gearbox, there is zero hesitation - no shifting of gears. The speed and acceleration is so smooth and quiet that it is truly a unique driving experience like nothing else I've had.

Then there is the modern features of the touchscreen and all of the attention to detail. The touchscreen computer is extremely well designed. Since I am in the software industry, I have an appreciation of a good user interface and this software is very well designed. There is a lot of functionality to deliver. It includes control and settings over music and media from many sources (Normal FM/AM, XM, Internet radio, Phone via bluetooth, USB thumbdrives), navigation system, Phone integration, web browsing, Energy statistics, climate control plus all of the numerous settings for the car itself. There is a huge number of features to design into an interface that is designed to be used while driving. I've used this touchscreen while driving and it's super easy to get around and to do what you need - and safely without having to take your eyes off the road for more than a moment.

I've imagined how would I explain to folks why I like the car. It's really hard to describe in a few words because it is really the entire package. It is a a car that drives wonderfully, looks beautiful and has completely modern, computerized features. To me, it's the first truly 21st century car. Here are my first pictures below.


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  1. Just to bring you up to speed, it's called the "goose pedal". Goose it, Greg!