Friday, March 1, 2013

Model S Will Play Any Song

I just discovered a cool new feature of the Model S. They put a video of Elon Musk talking to Betty Liu of Bloomberg on Tesla's Facebook page and they were talking about a feature many of the owners don't know about. You can use the voice command button to say "Play [Song] [Artist] " and it will search for the song and play it for you. So you can play any song on demand. I tried it this morning and it works great.

So here is a run down of how it works:

  1. Hit the Voice Command button on the steering wheel
  2. Say "Play Better Now by Collective Soul" 
  3. A list pops up on the touch screen showing the list of matches organized by songs and albums
  4. Pick one and it will play

It seems to be using your Slacker Radio account to do this. It creates a "station" based on that song where that song is the first one played. After it's done, it will continue playing other songs that are part of that station and, so, similar to the first one played.

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